Hospital cash insurance phonepe 2022-2023

Today in this article, I am telling you about such an insurance from which you can take hospital benefit of Rs 1000 daily, in which you can take a cash benefit of Rs 1000 every day with only Rs 200 to 300 insurance.

What is hospital cash benefit

Whenever we get sick, we go to the hospital and get admitted for 2 to 4 days, so if you have health insurance, you get the cost of whatever illness you have after health insurance, but if you do a job, then your Have taken 4 days leave or if you have any business or job is such that they run on cash, they do not deduct any PF, that means the number of days you leave, you get deducted in that case if you earn alone at home.

If you are admitted with a leave of 4 days, then your money has been deducted and the money has been spent in the hospital, will give it to the money, in the same condition a new insurance plan has been taken out, which is named Hospital Life Insurance. You are admitted in 2 days, 3 days, for any number of days, that insurance company ICICI long word gives you 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 rupees daily till you are admitted in the hospital, they give you daily in case or account. And if you are admitted in ICU then you will get Rs 1000 daily instead of 500, Rs 2000 instead of 1000 and Rs 4000 daily instead of 2000 This is what will give hospital cash benefit

According to me every person should take it and there is no betting period in this, if you enroll for minimum 2 days then you will get one day if you recruit for 5 days then you will get 4 days benefit There is no benefit of one day in this because minimum 2 days are included in it.

How to take it

First of all you open phonepay in your mobile, if phonepay is not there then download it and open phonepay and after opening it you will be getting my money option at the bottom, click on it after clicking your The insurance policy will be shown on your screen, one of them will be hospital cash and as soon as you click on it, 3 options will appear in front of you.

1. 2000 ₹ per day in 460 ₹
2. 1000 ₹ per day in 230 ₹
3. 500 ₹ per day in 130 ₹

Term and condition

As soon as you click on 2000 ₹, its details will come in front of you, in which your name, email id, and date of birth and you can pay by following these conditions, as soon as you pay, you will be asked your name, email By clicking on id and date of birth and plane select plan, you will be able to make payment from any credit card, debit card, or UPI wallet, as soon as you make the payment, then the policy documents will come to your mail in 2 to 3 minutes and you will get the same. You can take a print out or go to my money in phonepay and go to hospital cash and see its details and if you want to claim then it is necessary to call the toll free number given below or mail id

You can do your family’s and others’ name from your mobile, you can take their name by date of birth.And in this way you can take advantage of it

Second Code:3290-4368-9580-SB

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